Re: [Evolution] Remote iCal Calendar Server and Evolution-1.5

On Sun, 2004-01-11 at 23:32 -0500, Jared R. Jones wrote:
  I want to put an iCal Calendar server on my website (Apache-2.0.40
on RedHat-8.0) to have public and private calendars.  I want to be
able to view the calendars with a web browser and also to connect to
them with Evolution for viewing and editing.

  Does anyone know what software is available for putting this kind of
server on my machine and use it with Apache and Evolution?

if you mean on the client side, just use Evolution 1.5, which has
support for using calendars stored at remote locations. There is not yet
authentication support (AFAIK), but this could be added very easily, so
that you can set passwords for accessing the different calendars.

As for the server side, putting the .ics files on a server, whatever it
is, should work. As for authentication, using .htaccess files for each
calendar folder might work.


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