Re: [Evolution] Line wrapping?

On Mon, 2004-01-12 at 09:26, guenther wrote:
Line wrapping is hardcoded to 72 chars for text/plain messages. As you
can see by this reply, your text isn't wrapping unusually. ;)

Which is one of my major gripes about Composer. I'd like to turn
wrapping off and do it myself

Format / Heading / Preformat

Or simply use the paragraph style drop-down right above the text pane in
the composer.

Preformat will never breaklines, unless you tell it to by inserting a
newline. Normal will flow this paragraph.

I actually knew about preformat, but it's still a bore to have to
select it every time I'm composing a new message (yes, I know it's
Ctrl-7). Oh well.


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