Re: [Evolution] Best way to keep to Evolution on 2 PCs in sync?

Just wondering if anyone knows what would be the best way to keep
everything between 2 evolutions in sync.  Some days i work from home, so
ideally all of my calander, mail, contacts, etc items would be kept
up-to-date where ever i am.

This tends to become a new FAQ... ;-)

Yes, this has been answered. Actually, this topic is quite exhausted.
Please see the archives of November 2003 at

For convenient searching, download the Text version of the entire month
and import it (create a new mail folder in Evolution and drag-n-drop the
downloaded file onto this folder).

Read all threads/mails with subject:
 * Synchronising laptop and desktop evolutions
 * syncronization again
 * Multisync
 * Syncing laptop/desktop email using unison, files to sync?
 * moving - import/export?

Some additional hints:
 * Synchronization btw. several computers

Hope, this answers all your questions. If not, feel free to ask further.


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