Re: [Evolution] Evolution not filtering new messages

fre, 02.01.2004 kl. 23.28 skrev Volker Behr:

The point is, that when an IMAP server, whether it is Courier, Cyrus,
UW-IMAP or whatever has seen a message, the message has been *seen*.
Lotus hasn't seen it, then Lotus is at fault. This has not anything to
do with Evo. When a message has been seen, SquirrelMail, Mozilla, Evo,
whatever, should report it as having been *seen*. All of these do for

All mail clients we tested (Evolution, Mozilla, Pine, Mutt, kmail, Opera
on UNIX and in addition Outlook (Express), Eudora and Lotus Notes on
Windows mark all new messages as unread _and_ new. Furthermore all
besides Evol. do apply their filters as with our old server.

I obviously have to cover one subject at a time.

Had you had a *proper* IMAP server, such as Courier or Cyrus, for
example, the *server* would have marked the message as read, and the
*client* - be it Evo, Mozilla, SquirrelMail or whatever, would have
respected that. I just tested that again, to make sure.

Your Lotus Domino server is *CRAP*.

Bottom line: Volker should ask for his money back.

Remains unaltered.

Far as I'm concerned, this subject is closed.


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