Re: [Evolution] Switching of printer

fre, 02.01.2004 kl. 16.52 skrev Dwight Tovey:

Interesting.  I've never noticed this before, but when I click on the
print button in Evo, the popup window shows me a drop-down list with
'Create a PDF document', 'Generic Postscript', and 3 of the 16 printers
that are currently defined on my system.  The "default" printer is
included in that list, so I've never noticed that the other 13 printers
were missing.

How is Evo deciding which printers to include in the list?

- En recours, je n'ai tout à fait pas bien compris ce que Patrick
voudrait dire.
- Een blikje terug toont duidelijk, dat ik niet goed begrepen heb, wat
Patrick heeft willen vermelden.
- Looking back, it's obvious that I haven't understood what Patrick
wanted to say.

"Why can't I just select a single printer for good and all?"


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