Re: [Evolution] Evolution not filtering new messages

ons, 31.12.2003 kl. 22.53 skrev Eric Lambart:

Nevertheless logical. If your IMAP server has registered the message as
having been "seen" (with Courier IMAP, for example, that's done in
$HOME/INBOX.whatever/courierimapuiddb - or whatever2, if one is using
virtual mailboxes) then it's been seen. And rightly so, too.

I never said it wasn't logical, Tony =)  I was just trying to give
Volker a few clues to resolving the problem with his sysadmin.

In my scenario, Volker *is* the sysadmin (granted he's not present to
admit it).

Also, IMAP is not just Courier, Cyrus, UW-IMAP or whatever, it's a bunch
of rfcs. You want me to throw them at you, I will - courtesy of Courier.
The point is, that when an IMAP server, whether it is Courier, Cyrus,
UW-IMAP or whatever has seen a message, the message has been *seen*. If
Lotus hasn't seen it, then Lotus is at fault. This has not anything to
do with Evo. When a message has been seen, SquirrelMail, Mozilla, Evo,
whatever, should report it as having been *seen*. All of these do for

Bottom line: Volker should ask for his money back.

For the sake of next year's travel budget, I *wish* a € was less than a
$, but I'm afraid that ain't going to be true for a while, if ever! ;)

I live in Old Europe. When the Euro started its course, it soon sunk to
$0.80 = € 1, which made it expensive against the Dollar. Now Americans
have to pay $1.25 for a Euro (don't ask me why, because you would not
like to hear the answer). *You* have to pay more when you come to Old
Europe, which is only right (should never have left it in the first


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