Re: [Evolution] Evolution not filtering new messages

I never said it wasn't logical, Tony =)  I was just trying to give
Volker a few clues to resolving the problem with his sysadmin.

In my scenario, Volker *is* the sysadmin (granted he's not present to
admit it).

Unfortunately it is not that easy - while I *am* the sysadmin of one
department in our institute I am not in charge of the central mailserver
(that we _have_ to use) nor do I have any influence on the choice of
server software.

The point is, that when an IMAP server, whether it is Courier, Cyrus,
UW-IMAP or whatever has seen a message, the message has been *seen*.
Lotus hasn't seen it, then Lotus is at fault. This has not anything to
do with Evo. When a message has been seen, SquirrelMail, Mozilla, Evo,
whatever, should report it as having been *seen*. All of these do for

All mail clients we tested (Evolution, Mozilla, Pine, Mutt, kmail, Opera
on UNIX and in addition Outlook (Express), Eudora and Lotus Notes on
Windows mark all new messages as unread _and_ new. Furthermore all
besides Evol. do apply their filters as with our old server.

Bottom line: Volker should ask for his money back.

For the sake of next year's travel budget, I *wish* a ¤ was less
than a
$, but I'm afraid that ain't going to be true for a while, if ever!

As stated above I am _not_ the one to decide this - I am just the one to
live with the consequences...

The thing I was wondering about was that on the on hand Evol. is showing
new messages to be in the INBOX but on the other hand not applying
to it. I thought the flag that causes Evol. to show messages as new
bold text and number in () in folder view) was the same flag that causes
filters to be applied to these messages.
If that is not the case I think that might be a worthwhile option to



Volker Christian Behr
Experimentelle Physik V (Biophysik), Physikalisches Institut
Universitaet Wuerzburg, Am Hubland, 97074 Wuerzburg, Germany

Office: Room F-069a
+49-931-888-5766 (phone)
+49-931-888-5851 (fax)

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