Re: [Evolution] Changing fonts

On Sun, 2004-02-08 at 19:06, Lonnie Borntreger wrote:

- make sure you have gnome control center installed
- install gconf-editor (kind of a "regedit" for gnome - allows you to
make changes without running gnome - since doing that may hijack your
desktop, screen saver, etc.)
- run gconf-editor and change the following
  * desktop->gnome->background->draw_background (uncheck)
  * apps->gnome_settings_daemon->start_screensaver   (uncheck)
  * apps->nautilus->preferences->show_desktop   (uncheck)
  * I also had to mess with some gnome settings like dots per
    inch, mouse settings, keyboard repeat, etc. to prevent the gnome
    daemon from changing my KDE settings.
- run gnome-font-properties to set your fonts (it will start the
settings daemon)

Do the above steps need to be performed if I have my settings are as I
like them already in Gnome?

Now the final step it to ensure that the gnome-settings-daemon starts up
automatically when you start up KDE (the KDE session manager will not do
this for you) - or the fonts will be incorrect anyway.  Go to
~/.kde/Autostart and create a file called gsd.desktop and put the lines
between the ==== into that file.

Does it then look in KDE like it looks when logged into Gnome?


Thanks again for the help.  It'd be great to get Evo looking the 'Gnome'
way and still get to use KDE!


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