[Evolution] Hotsyncing Palm Pilot on 1.5.3


Sorry if this isn't the right place for the question, but I've been
working with 1.5.3 over the past couple of days and have had trouble hot
syncing my Palm Pilot. The connections are made, and the Pilot displays
the "syncing" messages, but nothing ends up in the calendar, todo list,
or contact windows. I wonder if this has something to do with the fact
that evolution 1.5.3 sets up a .evolution directory, but not an undotted
evolution directory in /home/~. Interestingly, 1.5.3 puts the
subdirectories usually found in the undotted into the dotted. Anyway, if
anyone has any insights into this, or merely wants to tersely steer me
toward a page that can help, I'd be grateful.

Best regards,


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