[Evolution] Focus policy - sending urls to firefox

I realize this is likely a Gnome issue and appologise in advance for
that. I am hoping someone has already dealt with it inside of Evolution.
I am running Evolution 1.4.3 with KDE 3.2 and Firefox (Firebird 0.8 :-).
I have no problem getting firefox to display web pages from Evolution,
but I can't get the focus policy to behaviour as I want (keep browser in
background and keep focus on Evolution). 

I know the browser is set to stay in the background when tabs are opened
from anywhere (other browser windows, other applications, and
observation of clipboard), but launching a url from Evolution always
pops it to the front. Thunderbird behaves the way I expect/want it to so
I suspect it has to do with Gnome or Evolution.

Any ideas or pointers to appropriate newsgroups would be greatly


Brad Warkentin <brad warkentin rogers com>

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