Re: [Evolution] Focus policy - sending urls to firefox

guenther wrote:

However, it seems Mozilla does not recognize the -noraise option. I
haven't found a way yet to control this behavior. The Mozilla window
gets to the front, but does not have the focus.

Hummm... firefox happily accepts the -noraise option. However it must be
in front of the -remote switch (ie "-noraise -remote" works, "-remote
-noraise" generates a "failed to send command" message, so the syntax is
somewhat restrictive.)

At best, this is an issue with the window manager. But it seems
unlikely, as you get the same results with your KDE window manager. As
this is reproducable with calling it from a console, I don't think it is
a Gnome issue in any way.

$ mozilla -remote 'openURL(, new-tab)'

firefox -remote 'openURL(, new-tab)'   and
firefox -noraise -remote 'openURL(, new-tab)'

both behave as I expect from a konsole (open in a tab, without
poping the browser.

I know the browser is set to stay in the background when tabs are opened
from anywhere (other browser windows, other applications, and
observation of clipboard), but launching a url from Evolution always
pops it to the front. Thunderbird behaves the way I expect/want it to so
I suspect it has to do with Gnome or Evolution.

What's that setting in detail? How is Mozilla/Firebird called?

This is part of the "Tabbrowser Extensions" extension for Firefox.
Allows you to set the focus policy for new tabs (I have keep browser in
background enabled for all types of tab opens).

I am calling firefox via a tweaked version of your script for Evolution:
# -------------------------------------------------------------
# Attempts to open supplied url in a new tab of currently
# running Mozilla Firefox or starts a new session and opens
# supplied url
# --------------------------------------------------------------

# Define location of browser
alias moz='/opt/Firefox/firefox'
moz -remote 'openURL('$1', new-tab)' || moz $1 &

What is werid is that I just came across a suggestion to set 
"user_pref("mozilla.widget.raise-on-setfocus", false);" in user.js to
deal with this. After doing so, Evolution behaves as I want. However,
even after I commented it out, for further testing, the browser is still
not popping to the front. I am very puzzled over this.


Brad Warkentin <brad warkentin rogers com>

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