[Evolution] printing to Postscript level 1 printer ?


I'm an evolution 1.4.5 user. My platform is a Dell laptop (I8600)
running gentoo linux. My desktop is KDE, with enough of Gnome compiled
in to have the needed evolution functionnality.

My printer is a somewhat aged (but perfectly functionning) Sun
NeWSprinter 20, with a front-end ps-to-raster software called NeWSprint
running on a SunSparcStation 10. Basicaly, I see this printer as a
remote Postscript device which I can access using LPD (standard Solaris
printing platform).

My problem : this NeWSprint software only accept PS level 1. A bunch of
my linux apps (eg Gimp or acrobat) can be configured to generate PS
level 1, but evolution only emits PS level 2. My only option so far was
to print to PDF, then launch acrobat, then print to PS level 1, then
send to printer. Obviously not the optimal solution.

I have tried to setup cups on the laptop, and to use a PPD file from the
vendor, which specify LanguageLevel 1, but evolution continues to
generate PS level 2.

Can evolution be configured to generate PS1 ? Or is there a way to make
this global in gnome settings ?

Hints welcome. TIA,

Charles Bueche <charles bueche ch>
sand, snow, wave, wind and net -surfer

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