Re: [Evolution] Trouble recovering a backup !

Please leave the thread on the mailing list, as I am not the only one
who can help you. Reply To List or Reply To All will do.

Thanks for your answer ! I was not hoping it anymore but I kept of
course a backup of every single file as they are of the upmost
importance for me (job applications mainly ...).

About the informations you requested :

Still unanswered (but important to understand what you did):
- How did you backup and recreate the backup?

1. I am running Evolution 1.2.2 and it didn't change before/after 
2. 4 accounts were setup, all pop accounts (emails moved locally)
3. I didn't run Evolution between the backup and the reinstallation (I
completely reinstalled the OS, a RH9.0 inbetween but I changed nothing,
even not the login)
4. Regarding the PID and UID, I don't know how to check theses ID's. I
am a newbie to linux.

If you recreated the backup by extracting the archive in your home
directory, just check if the user and group of those files is the same
as your $HOME:

$ ls -l ~
$ ls -l ~/evolution/local/

If there are strange user/group IDs in the latter not matching to the
first, you can set them to yourself. Open a terminal as the user(!), get
root (be sure to be in your users home directory):

$ cd
$ su

Then enter the root password. As you are now root (still in the users
home directory) you can change the user/group. USER and GROUP must be
substituted by the username (login) and primary group of the user:

# chown -R USER.GROUP evolution/

Now get back to the user permissions with 'exit' and check the
mismatching commands above again.

However, comes a new problem : I am now using again Evolution 1.2.2 and
I downloaded some new messages on this new installation. Will I manage
to merge the 2 backups ?

Yep, this is possible.

You did not change the Evolution version, so simply copying should be
sufficient. However, please have in mind that I haven't used 1.2 for a
long time now -- backups always are a good idea.

See your ~/evolution/local/ directory, both in your backed up data and
the current install.

To "merge" the old and new mails (as long as the names differ) you can
copy the directories from the backup. Close Evolution *before* this --
running 'killev' between closing Evo and copying data may be good too.

On the next startup, this folders should be visible again. You can
remove indexing files, if you like (don't remove the mbox file itself).

Another way to import your old mails is the "File / Import" function.
Import a single file and set the File Type to "Mbox".

I don't know, if Evo 1.2.x supports importing by drag-n-drop (like
1.4.x), but *if* it does this is likely a convenient method:

Create a new Mail Folder. Then drag-n-drop the mbox file from your
backup (extract the backup to a temporary directory first) to the newly
created Mail Folder. The mbox file you just imported will be removed on
success. So you are done, once there is no mbox file left.



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