[Evolution] Initializing Evo 1.5

I recently received email messages concerning a bug #44477 that I had
filed.  Appears that work is being done on this bug and testing of Evo
1.5 on SuSE 9 with regard to this bug would be useful.

I installed the snapshot 1.5- and all its dependencies on to a
SuSE 9 computer.  

So how do I start-initialize evo 1.5 ?  This has got to be a simple
question, but I could not find anything in the archives for this list or
at ximian.com.  

If I type in "evolution" or "evolution 1.5" "evolution -1.5" etc. then
evolution 1.4 is loaded.

The rpm's from Ximian ftp snapshots for SuSE 9 that were installed are:
evolution 1.5-

/opt/gnome -> shows that there is evolution/1.4 and evolution/1.5

/home/user -> shows a /evolution directory but not a /.evolution

Am I missing a dependency?  Simple step?

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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