Re: [Evolution] printing to Postscript level 1 printer ?

My problem : this NeWSprint software only accept PS level 1. A bunch of
my linux apps (eg Gimp or acrobat) can be configured to generate PS
level 1, but evolution only emits PS level 2. My only option so far was
to print to PDF, then launch acrobat, then print to PS level 1, then
send to printer. Obviously not the optimal solution.

Can evolution be configured to generate PS1 ? Or is there a way to make
this global in gnome settings ?

I'd think you should be able to, but I'm not really sure how...

If you can't make gnome-print behave, another possibility would be to
use ghostscript on the Sun box to convert the level 2 PostScript to
level 1 before passing it off to NeWSprint.

-- Dan

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