Re: [Evolution] Trouble recovering a backup !

Sorry to get to you that late on an urgent problem. Did not see any
response, so lets try.

I made a backup of my evolution folder and I reinstalled my laptop.
I copied back all the files and folders and I lost all the folders I
created before, and their emails (at least they don't appear !) except
the inbox folder. I also still have the contacts and the tasks ...

Can anybody help me get back to my last configuration ?

Well, any more information would be good. How did you backup and
recreate the backup? What version of Evolution are you running now,
which before? IMAP or PO3?

Did you run Evolution between install and restoring the backup? Has the
UID/GID changed? Have you tried removing cached files?

As this seems to only affect mail folders (besides the Inbox) do you
still have that backup? Restoring mail folders on plain mbox format is
easily possible, even in a stage that late.


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