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I have the same problem as shown by Patrick.  The answer given by Didier
appears to affect only the appearance of the message in the preview and
message view windows, but not affect the output as seen in "print
preview" and on the printer.  How can we get fonts (Arial, for example)
to print in a font that looks like it does on screen?

- Jesse
On Mon, 2004-02-02 at 12:17, Didier Spaier wrote:
[answer in English follows]

Salut Patrick,

je crois que j'ai eu le même problème.

Regarde Outils > Paramètres > Préférences du courrier > Général >
Message fonts.

Selon le cas :
1) coches "use the same fonts as other applications"
2) ne pas coches pas "use the same fonts as other applications" mais
choisis une police qui va bien.

Hope this helps,


[answer in English begin here]


I think I had the same problem.

Look in Tools > Parameters Mail preferences > General > Meassage fonts

Upon case :
1) Choose "use the same fonts as other applications"
2) Don't choose "use the same fonts as other applications" bue choose a
font you like.

J'espèce que ça t'aidera,


Le lun 02/02/2004 à 20:21, Patrick GELIN a écrit :

I've got a problem with email impression. The response text feel good
but the original text is gothic or something like this! 

I've joined a PDF file to show you what I mean...

Where is the parameter to modify this?


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