Re: [Evolution] POP account generating duplicate emails

Hi Adam,

Are you sure that your Mail Provider supports the "leave message on
server" feature?

there is at least one POP3 Server (cucipop) that is able to disallow
this feature. If you do so, you get the duplicate messages as you
discribed below.

So the question is : Does it work with other MUAs?

Maybee Evo doesn't delete the messages on the server when deleting them
locally. Can this be set in the properties?! I'm not using POP3 ATM.

Does you Provider support imap? this would be much smoother for you.
If you are not connected to the internet you can easily read all mails
if you turn on the "sync local" option and start evolution in offline

$ evolution --offline

Just my 2 cents,


Am Montag, den 13.12.2004, 14:34 -0700 schrieb Adam Patacchiola:

I'm using 2.0.2 with a comcast POP account. I have elected to "leave
messages on server" because I dual boot between linux and windows XP and
want to be able to get the message on both systems. The problem is that
evolution is downloading messages that I've already read and deleted. It
seems to happen after I reboot and restart evolution and it connects to
the POP mailbox. How can I fix this problem?



Michael Flaig <mfl security indeca de>

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