Re: [Evolution] Features missing in 1.5.x ?

1. there's been a little box above "the list of emails in the dir-
ectory" (pardon me that I don't know what the official name is) that
listed the number of emails in the folder, the number unread, and the
number selected.  I thought it was *very* useful, but now is gone.  

this is now above the folder tree.

Except that it no longer says how many messages are selected.  That was
very useful for counting messages.  Also, I have my incoming mailbox set
up as my sent folder as well. (I like to keep both sides of a
correspondence in one place.  I also like to use "Edit as New Message"
once in a while for resending stuff and that only works in the Sent
folder.)  So on my account it now says "INBOX  xxx sent", and no unread

Speaking of things missing, on today's snapshot all the icons (except
the cancel/stop icon) are missing.

Richard Zach ......
Assistant  Professor,   Department  of  Philosophy
University of Calgary, Calgary, AB T2N 1N4, Canada

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