Re: [Evolution] Date Format

On Mon, 2003-10-13 at 11:33, Andy McMullin wrote:
On Mon, 2003-10-13 at 11:17, guenther wrote:

Well, that is easy: Evolution 1.4 is mainly a port of the 1.2 version to
Gnome 2. If this particular code was ported and therefore uses new
functions, errors may happen... ;-)

That's what I meant by "regression".

Ah. Now I understand what you meant.

Further to my previous reply.

I have been trying the new beta of Sun's "Java Desktop System". It comes
withe Evolution version 1.4.4 (although it is called the "Sun
Microsystems Edition"). The underlying operating system for this beta
appears to be SuSE Linux (version 2.4.19 from 29th August 2003).

Guess what??

The date format is correct in the calendar and address book!

So, whoever ported to 1.4.4 for the Sun version got it right. The locale
of this demo is "en_GB" by the way -- which is one I tried with the
Solaris version of Evolution (under Solaris it's a link to the
"en_GB.ISO8859-1" file).

Andy, G8TQH

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