Re: [Evolution] 1.5 snap seem very broken in lots of little ways

OK, so I no I am running 


Issues gone:

Move to folder works.
Short cuts not working (there is not shortcuts anymore).
Bonobo-activation (found the ftp file for libbonobo snap)
Floating windows issue gone.
Addresses are not underlined in TO: Field.

That's it.
Old issue still here:
.signature on new mail not loaded.  On replies it is.
Sound trigger happens way too often.
Evo lost my per folder settings.
No menu item for evolution1.5 (or evolution).

New issues
BIGGIE  calling evolution-1.5 mailto:.... (via commandline or mosex)
segfaults that instance.  Is this a corba/bonobo thing?

BIGGE:  Evo seem to lose *all* per folder settings.  This is evil and
may force me to downgrade.  Settings include columns shows, threaded
display, etc.

Offline flag is always offline.

Minor nit, my CTRL-L fix in xml for reply to list seems to be gone.  To
be expected I suppose....

Minor nit, the folders list does not show unread mail except for INBOX

Zot O'Connor <zot zotconsulting com>
White Knight Hackers, Inc.

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