Re: [Evolution] 1.5 snap seem very broken in lots of little ways

On Tue, 2003-11-25 at 13:51 -0500, Mark Gordon wrote:
On Tue, 2003-11-25 at 08:32 -0800, Zot O'Connor wrote:


I see, I need to get the 1.5 space clobbering package name... 

from the ftp site:

evolution-                     21-Oct-2003 13:16   8.8M  
evolution1.5-                  24-Nov-2003 16:42  34.1M  

Yeah, that was the last snap before the snapshot got renamed to
"evolution1.5".  That was more than a month ago.

Was this done *just* to screw me up? :)

-Mark Gordon (running evolution1.5-
Zot O'Connor <zot zotconsulting com>
White Knight Hackers, Inc.

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