[Evolution] 1.5 snap seem very broken in lots of little ways


It seems to have a number of issues:

It does not respect my per folder settings (columns, etc.)

It does not remember the signature settings for my main account.  Oddly
it does for this secondary account.

It did not put an evolution alias or binary in, but i have to call

It did not put a link/menu_item to the program in Programs, or anywhere
else I can find.

Now I know its a snap, but is anyone else seeing this much broken
behaviour, or do I need other packages?  Red-Carpet did not force many
dependencies with it.

rpm -qa | grep snap

I did have an issue with bonobo-activation when upgrading all the
packages.  Can this cause these issues?

Zot O'Connor <zot zotconsulting com>
White Knight Hackers, Inc.

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