Re: [Evolution] Debian sarge upgrade path?

Hi Erik

On Wed, 2003-11-19 at 15:59, Erik Moeller wrote:

I have over 20,000 mails in Evolution. What's the safest way to upgrade
to a new version on a Debian/sarge system? The version presently in
sarge is the horribly outdated 1.05, whereas unstable has version 1.45. 

Provided the unstable packages ever make it into sarge,

That's why they've started to let gnome 2.4 packages into testing, to
get Evolution and some other apps up to date.

is there a safe
email conversion path from 1.05 to 1.45 (provided there were any changes
in the format, index etc.)? Would it be safe for me to install the 1.45
packages through pinning?

Huh, how do you mean that? You can use pinning to keep a certain version
of a package on your system, but not to keep every package except this
one on a certain version. However, I don't know which libc actually is
in testing, so it may be the case that when you upgrade to evo 1.45,
other packages from sid will be pulled in too (especially some gnome 2.4
stuff, since evo in unstable is built against gnome 2.4 IIRC). So,
either you wait, or you update now, it's up to you..

Best wishes,

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