Re: [Evolution] evolution features query

On Wed, 2003-11-12 at 16:18, guenther wrote:

? Will evolution support right to left languages at some point?
  I can see e-mails if i tweak the font selection, but I still need
  a mirror for the directionality...
  (maybe add mirror-readable fonts as a second best? ;)

I don't know for sure, as I cannot read any such language... ;)
But Gnome 2 (Evolution 1.4.x) should have this ability, shouldn't it?

Well, more of the infrastructure is in place, but Evolution still
doesn't have full bidirectional support.  1.4 at least renders email
right-to-left.  Bidirectional editing is still a problem, and
copy-and-paste still has issues, but I have some RTL mail that looks
much better in 1.4 than it did in 1.2 (no mirror necessary).

-Mark Gordon

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