Re: [Evolution] Synchronization btw. several computers


First, thanks for the reply. I should have looked a bit deeper. Sorry.

Yes, I am using unison (for quite some time now..) and yes, I was
doing the "--force-shutdown" mantra on both local and remote. After
further killing of "gconfd-2" on both ends, and synchronzing, I got
the "Welcome to Evolution" splash on both local and remote (?!?!). 

However, after setting up the account (once again...) my data seemed
to be sync'ed. Still, I'll keep a suspecting eye on it and see how it goes.

guenther writes:

For fast Mail sync, you probably should use maildir format rather than
default mbox for local mails and use a tool like Unison for
bi-directional synchronization.

For the time being for my hairy e-mail setup I'm sticking to my trusty
old XEmacs VM, so it's mbox for now. But thanks for pointing it out,
there seems to be some extra info on it on the list.

Thanks once again,


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