[Evolution] Synchronization btw. several computers

Hi there,

First, I'm a newcomer to evolution and this list, so if this is
already answered/addressed somewhere, pls. point me to the appropriate
resource (Disclaimer: a quick search pre-post search didn't reveal
anything of relevance)

My problem: I am sync'ing my home directory btw. several
computers. However, it appears that despite  that
"~/evolution" and "~/.gconf/apps/evolution" are mirrored exactly, I
still don't get the same environment i.e. cannot synchronize
accounts/calendar/mail/task/evolution settings/the works in this way.

Side note: after deleting the local "~/evolution" and the related
~/.gconf subdir and then restoring them from remote, when
starting evolution locally I'm presented w/ the nice "welcome to
evolution" splash.

So, my question: In addition to my home dir, what other files I need
to synchronize btw. different computers in order to replicate the
_exactly_ the same evolution environment on two different computers ?
Any other thing I am missing ? 



P.S. Yes, all computers run same version of evolution, namely 1.4.5
(as per Linux/Debian unstable)

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