Re: [Evolution] Synchronization btw. several computers

First, I'm a newcomer to evolution and this list, so if this is
already answered/addressed somewhere, pls. point me to the appropriate
resource (Disclaimer: a quick search pre-post search didn't reveal
anything of relevance)

Yes, this has been answered. Actually, this topic is quite exhausted
just this month. Please see the archives of November 2003 at

For convenient searching, download the Text version of the entire month
and import it (create a new mail folder in Evolution and drag-n-drop the
downloaded file onto this folder).

Read all threads/mails with subject:
 * Synchronising laptop and desktop evolutions
 * syncronization again
 * Multisync
 * Syncing laptop/desktop email using unison, files to sync?
 * moving - import/export?

However, some quick notes:

My problem: I am sync'ing my home directory btw. several
computers. However, it appears that despite  that
"~/evolution" and "~/.gconf/apps/evolution" are mirrored exactly, I
still don't get the same environment i.e. cannot synchronize
accounts/calendar/mail/task/evolution settings/the works in this way.

As there are background tasks running, you have to run 'evolution
--force-shutdown' before you can sync Contacts / Calendar / Todo.
Otherwise this may lead to data corruption.

Alternatively you can use MultiSync to sync them.

For fast Mail sync, you probably should use maildir format rather than
default mbox for local mails and use a tool like Unison for
bi-directional synchronization.

Side note: after deleting the local "~/evolution" and the related
~/.gconf subdir and then restoring them from remote, when
starting evolution locally I'm presented w/ the nice "welcome to
evolution" splash.

So, my question: In addition to my home dir, what other files I need
to synchronize btw. different computers in order to replicate the
_exactly_ the same evolution environment on two different computers ?
Any other thing I am missing ? 

Unless you did unusual things and the environment is the same, there is
*no* personal data outside of your $HOME directory.

Watch UID/GIDd, $HOME -- if they are the same on all machines there
should be no problem at all.


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