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So there are at least three interested customers..

How do we get some feedback from planet Ximian???


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Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 12:55:16 -0400
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On Thu, 2003-11-13 at 07:06 +0800, g b wrote:

Thanks a lot - you have indeed cleared several issues for me! Here's the bit that's left:

? can't outgoing mail be saved to folders much like incoming mail?

AFAIK there is only the way of using outgoing Filters. About the
auto-handling: It is just as automated as sorting incoming mails...

This is quite horrible.
In pine you had an extra header line on every outgoing mail where you could choose which folder the mail 
went to (sent/specific/nowhere).
This makes a lot more sense to me than forcing one to have only auto-filters :(
(btw pine would allow you to attach a default folder per recipient name, but you could change that per 

I currently find this the single bothering short-coming of evolution :-(

Just to add my 2 cents: the MH mail system also supported this (the 
header was Fcc: <filename> but changing it to <folder> would be obvious)
and was extremely useful. One way to use it is to *not* keep copies
of trivial outgoing mail, or keep some stuff locally and the rest on
an IMAP server.

However most other mailers don't have this functionality either
as far as I can see.


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