Re: [Evolution] evolution features query

Thanks a lot - you have indeed cleared several issues for me! Here's
the bit that's left:

? can't outgoing mail be saved to folders much like incoming mail?

AFAIK there is only the way of using outgoing Filters. About the
auto-handling: It is just as automated as sorting incoming mails...

This is quite horrible.
In pine you had an extra header line on every outgoing mail where you
could choose which folder the mail went to (sent/specific/nowhere).
This makes a lot more sense to me than forcing one to have only
auto-filters :(
(btw pine would allow you to attach a default folder per recipient
name, but you could change that per e-mail)

I currently find this the single bothering short-coming of evolution :-(
Any idea anyone whether this is going to be addressed at some point?

There where discussions about per-folder specific options, but I don't
know if this is still planned. At least this would be related.

Anywhere I should file a request at?

Sure, feel free to file a wish in bugzilla -- but don't hold your

? I have a work machine and a home machine sitting on ADSL.
  Can I have them share the calender and address book and have only a single
  copy on the work machine?

You can not share them, but you can sync them. Please see the ongoing,
large discussion started some days ago.

Sorry, I dunno what you mean by the "single copy".

I have only one mailbox - my work one.
I was hoping to hold a single file of contacts, and a single calender
on my work machine, and have my home machine access and modify these -
much as my home machine handles the mail sitting on my work machine
from home.

Nope, this is not possible.

Even sharing those files on both machines probably is not a good idea,
unless you are sure to always have only *one* Evolution running at the
same time. (There are background tasks running even after closing
Evolution. Logging out or 'evolution --force-shutdown' do get rid of

I'll read through that thread later today.

Watch out for posts with subject "Synchronising laptop and desktop

Evolution 1.4.x runs fine on Mandrake 9.1 -- cause Mandrake 9.1 ships
with Gnome 2.2 and the included Evolution 1.2 is one of the last
remaining Gnome 1 apps.

pleasent surprise!
just to make sure - if i upgrade the rpm from 1.2 to 1.4  none of my
preferences gets clobbered. right?

Your preferences and accounts should be imported without a glitch. Just
make sure to not use both mixed for two reasons:

- The already mentioned background tasks may corrupt data unless
properly stopped too.
- The location of the configuration changed, thus any changes after
updating won't be shared.

? I've tried with no luck to import my pine addressbook.

Only when I renamed it to the exact name used by pine (.addressbook)
was the file auto-detected, and pulled in without a hitch.
The kind folks may want to beef up the documentation a bit there..

Glad to hear that.


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