Re: [Evolution] evolution features query

AFAIK there is only the way of using outgoing Filters. About the
auto-handling: It is just as automated as sorting incoming mails...

This is quite horrible.
In pine you had an extra header line on every outgoing mail where you
could choose which folder the mail went to (sent/specific/nowhere).
This makes a lot more sense to me than forcing one to have only
auto-filters :(
(btw pine would allow you to attach a default folder per recipient
name, but you could change that per e-mail)

I currently find this the single bothering short-coming of evolution :-(
Any idea anyone whether this is going to be addressed at some point?

There where discussions about per-folder specific options, but I don't
know if this is still planned. At least this would be related.
I would also appreciate this feature. An individual default sent folder
for each contact (one can specify in the contact list) that is displayed
when you create an email and can then easily be changed before you send
the email.
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