Re: [Evolution] PGP/GPG management

Was sifting through the docs and can't find much information on
evolution+pgp/gpg. If someone signs a message how can i view the key id
used? Is there any quick method to view the key id, search for it on a
pgp-server x and then download and import?

Check your ~/.gnupg/options (or the newer ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf). You will
have to set a keyserver and the option to automatically retrieve the

keyserver-options auto-key-retrieve

If you wanna check the signature of a signed mail, just click the lock
icon. GnuPG then will look up the key, if necessary.

Basically the question at
hand is if there is any key management in evolution xor will there be?

Nope, there is no key management in Evolution. I may be wrong, but IIRC
this isn't planned either.


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