Re: [Evolution] Evolution 1.4.5 SMTPS / STARTTLS question

no, there's no way to do what you are asking.

out of curiosity, what do other mail clients do (well, ones that support
both methods of using SSL)? Do they connect to 25 first and try
STARTTLS? or port 465?


On Fri, 2003-11-07 at 10:58, Vincent Jaussaud wrote:

I've a small problem with the way evolution up to 1.4.5 support SSL over

As far as I understand the way Evolution works, when SSL is enabled over
SMTP, evolution will first try SMTPS (using port 465), then STARTTLS
(using default port 25), if SMTPS fails.

My problem is that my mail server only support STARTTLS (sendmail), and
not SMTPS, and is hosted behind a firewall which silently drop syn
packets going to port 465. Hence, evolution will wait for the TCP
retransmit time out to occurs, before switching to STARTTLS. This result
to a long timeout for the client before his mail is processed by the
mail server.

As a workaround, I've setup new rules on my firewall which automatically
sent back an ICMP icmp-port-unreachable packet back to the client
whenever my firewall see a syn packet going to port 465 on my firewall.
But what I did there may not be possible elsewhere. 

So, my question would be, is there a way on the client side to force
evolution to first try STARTTLS instead of SMTPS ? Or to disable SMTPS
entirely ?

Thanks in advance !

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