[Evolution] Evolution generates huge postscript files


I did my best to search through the archives to track down a solution to
this problem, but can't seem to find any discussion of it.  For many
months now (probably since Ximian's XD2 was released, but I'm not
certain) whenever I try to print from Evolution, I get HUGE postscript
files, even if all I have is a 1-character subject line.  So large, in
fact, that a reasonably modern postscript printer (HP LaserJet 8100)
chokes on the data, and gives up.  I usually end up having to print to a
PS file, run something like ps2ps on that file (which, by the way,
usually shrinks the file by over 99%), then send it via lpr.

My understanding is that Evolution employs gnome-print, but I can find
no discussion of this in their archives either (and they even have
search capability).  My system is just a standard RH-9 (ix86) with
Ximian installed on top of that, so I really doubt I'm the only one who
has experienced this.  Probably I'm just looking for the wrong keywords
in the archives.  Any help would be appreciated.


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