Re: [Evolution] CRM?

what's a CRM?

Customer Relationship Management

Usually means an integration of Accounting/Contact/Sales information in 
some type of unified front end.  Also usually with an emphasis on tracking 
customer interations - when they were call, by whom, about what, archiving 
of documents sent/recieved, etc....  Basically a focused use of Groupware 
type technology.

I'm trying to migrate to Linux (RH9) from Windoze/Outhouse, and have
been mostly successful, with one exception. Outhouse has the ability to
coordinate calendar, task and contacts, as well as capture activities
specific to a contact in that contact's record. These two things
allow(ed!) me to use Outhouse as a CRM platform, without going to the
hassle of using both a PIM, like Outhouse, and a CRM like Act! or

I suggest you look at OpenGroupware, which can do quite a bit of this.

Integration with Evolution is under developement and sort-of-almost 
working. :)

I've also got the beginning of a presentation on OpenGroupware at -

I'm trying to figure out how I can do the same thing in Evolution, or if
I can't, is there anther PIM/CRM platform that I can use on my RH9
laptop that would allow me to do so?

See above.

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