re: [Evolution] how can I store my message templates in evolution

On Thu, 2003-11-06 at 06:32, Stephen CS Howe wrote:
thanks for your kind input.
where do I switch "hide deleted" on and off ?

Under the "View" menu - right under the toggle for threaded message

BTW going off on a complete tangent here, why does the address book sort
e-mail fields in a case sensitive way if e-mail addresses are not case
sensitive ? that's really dumb.Every time i save an e-mail address that
starts in an upper case letter, i have to go in and edit the first
letter of the e-mail so as it sorts it in lower case.aaarg

I believe the view applet just uses a GNOME sort, which uses your locale
settings.  If your locale is set to sort caps before lower case, then
the view applet will also.

-> grep COLLATE /etc/sysconfig/i18n

This sorts caps first, switching from "C" to "en_US" will make it case
insensitive.  Of course, this will also affect your directory listings.


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