re: [Evolution] how can I store my message templates in evolution

Dear Guenther,

Thanks for your kind reply.
What is the ref. number for this "delete off" bug ?
I have little experience using bugzilla.
I will take a look and comment when I get a moment- too much e-mail
today, my eyes are starting to glaze over aaargg...

Mr. e-mail

On Thu, 2003-11-06 at 15:50, guenther wrote:
where do I switch "hide deleted" on and off ?

View / [x] Hide Deleted Messages

Also I thought of another way to skin the cat.
You could save your template messages as signatures and then add the
signature instead of editing the draft.

Well, that probably will work in some circumstances.

or the option to turn delete off would be really preferable.

AFAIK this is already filed in -- feel free
to search the bug and add comments.

BTW going off on a complete tangent here, why does the address book sort
e-mail fields in a case sensitive way if e-mail addresses are not case
sensitive ? that's really dumb.Every time i save an e-mail address that
starts in an upper case letter, i have to go in and edit the first
letter of the e-mail so as it sorts it in lower case.aaarg

Oh, never noticed this, as I always rewrite any email address to lower
case, before saving them. If you do the same, you will only have to edit
any email address once and never again...

Probably worth filing a bug about the sorting issue, though.


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