Re: [Evolution] No Languages for Spell Checking (again!)

On Do, 2003-11-06 at 02:27, guenther wrote: 
I just checked with Ximian, using Red-Carpet: there is a version of
aspell-it available.

which OS do you use?
I can only find language packages for French and English, but where is

Obvious next question: What is *your* distribution?
I'm working on Sun Blade 2000/Solaris 8...

FWIW: Spell packages by Ximian where only needed for some RH versions.
Other distributions (like Mandrake) ship with all language packages
recent enough to work with Evolution 1.4.x.

I just checked and there are at least aspell-de-* packages available on
the Ximian FTP server for RH 9/8.0.

but not for Sun/Sparc, unfortunately:-(

Does anybody here know where I could obtain an evaluation license for
ximian connector?
I allready wrote an Email to Ximian about three weeks ago, but I didn't
receive an answer yet:-(

From the "Buy and Install" instructions [1] there is a link to the
store. The relevant "Ximian Connector 1.4 Single User" page claims a 30
day period to try Connector and return for a full refund [2].

More info at the "Ximian Return Policy" page [3].
I saw this Return Policy page, anyway I think I can't persuade my
boss easily to pay for a programm he does not even know.
As I work in an university department, it is very difficult to buy
anything and pay by credit card.
Then, refound money via credit card is definately impossible!
I just don't understand why they don't have evaluation licenses at
ximian, nor they do not even answer my email regarding this topic.
You cannot do business like that:-(

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