Re: [Evolution] From Evolution to Outlook

On Wed, 2003-11-05 at 13:58, Luke Scharf wrote:
I swore by imap (and imaps) for years -- until I became rich enough to
afford a laptop.  Suddenly, it didn't make sense anymore because it's
inconvenient to use it when I'm offline, and depending on which server
you use, it can be slow for large mailboxes.  Now, it's POP all the way.

Interesting - I went the other way.   I treat laptops as ephemeral
machines (had one stolen from the office so far), so never put valuable
stuff only on the laptop itself.  Mail lives on a permanently located
machine with a good backup regime (the laptop also has a good - in fact
paranoid - backup regime), and I imap from there.   However I don't in
general spend time working away from connectivity so that works for me. 
If I did work away from the net I would probably use isync - - and then make further decisions as to
whether to use the maildir directly or as a base for courier imap.


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