[Evolution] how can I store my message templates in evolution 1.44?


I have recently upgraded from Evolution 1.08 to 1.44 on Redhat Linux
V9.0A,2.4.21-1.1931.2.399.entsmp with the KDE desktop 3.1.3-3 Red Hat.

I often send out the same messages again and again ( i.e. like this
message ;-)), so need to be able to save these messages somewhere in

If I put them in my Drafts folder, when I send out the message, the
program now deletes the copy of the message in the drafts folder, and
transfers the message to the sent folder.

What I need is for the program NOT to cancel the messages I have in my
drafts folder when I send them out, so as my "message templates" stay in
my Drafts folder (as occured in previous versions of Ximian I used i.e
0.9, 1.0, 1.08).

I am using a "work-around" for this problem by storing these messages in
another folder called "templates". However, as these messages no longer
appear as "editable", it is difficult to cut and paste from them ,plus
when I want to work with them, I have to manually paste the message
contents into the other message that I am sending out.

Is there any way I can change the relevant properties of the folders to
achieve my objective ??

Thanks for any input ( even if it it to say no this is not possible in

Mr e-mail

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