Re: [Evolution] From Evolution to Outlook

Imap rocks, unless you use a laptop or some other type of machine
without a reliable network connection.

I swore by imap (and imaps) for years -- until I became rich enough to
afford a laptop.  Suddenly, it didn't make sense anymore because it's
inconvenient to use it when I'm offline, and depending on which server
you use, it can be slow for large mailboxes.  Now, it's POP all the way.

The right tool for the right job!


On Wed, 2003-11-05 at 08:51, Ted Anderson wrote:
I think IMAP is the best way to get email both directions.

On Wed, 2003-11-05 at 13:33, Redeeman wrote:
i would like to know that too, because i dualboot, and i have outlook in

On Wed, 2003-11-05 at 10:24, Ton Machielsen wrote:
Hi all,

I know how to go from Outlook to Evolution, but what is the easiest way
I need to move my Evolution mail over to Outlook again.




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