Re: [Evolution] Crappy fonts, Debian ppc, Evolution

On Sat, 2003-05-24 at 11:23, Stephen Kuhn wrote:
On Sat, 2003-05-24 at 18:57, Zeno R.R. Davatz wrote:

What would that be? The caracter encodings? There I got:
Western European, New (ISO 8859-15); I do not know what caracter
encoding I got for the other fonts on my system.

What would the exact name of the Box be?

Thanks for your time and help.


I might be using a different version of Evo than you are (I'm using
1.3.3 right now)
I am running 1.2.4

...have you run "gnome-font-properties" to see if the
fonts displayed THERE are being displayed in your other Gnome/GTK
Yes. I defenetly do not have the same fonts in 'gnome-font-properties'
as in my Evolution (Tools>Settings>Fonts). I do have the same fonts in
my Terminal, Mozilla, (did not check any more...).

Thanks for your time and help.


Mit freundlichen Grüssen / best regards

Zeno Davatz
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