Re: [Evolution] SpamAssassin with Evolution

On Sat, 2003-03-08 at 11:35, David Woodhouse wrote:
Not quite what was required. That X-Spam-Report: header used to be
readable. I get something similar, even if I select 'Show Email Source':

X-Spam-Report: Detailed Report SPAM: -------------------- Start
        SpamAssassin results ---------------------- SPAM: This mail is probably
        spam.  The original message has been altered SPAM: so you can recognise or
        block similar unwanted mail in future. SPAM: See for more details. SPAM:  SPAM: Content

Viewing the offending mail in pine shows that it's definitely Evolution
which is corrupting it. It should look like this...

Evolution is technically doing the correct thing here. RFC822 specifies
that the leading whitespace in a multiline email header should be
considered equivalent to a single space. The mailer collapses the spaces
in its internal representation of emails. In this case it happens to
mess up the formatting, but they're really relying on behavior that's
not guaranteed.


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