Re: [Evolution] Cannot send POP mail with Evolution 1.3.98 or 1.4

Hey Guenther,
No offense taken, bro. Don't sweat the small stuff. LOL, didn't mean to reply just to you. I'm gonna reboot into Linux shortly and will post the reply. Thanks man!


guenther wrote:

Hey Stephen,

you need to run evolution with CAMEL_VERBOSE_DEBUG=1 set in the
environment, as it will dump the smtp traffic to the screen.

(for those of you who read all of these replies, yes i get sick of
repeating that line, but what else can you do eh?)

LOL, search the archives for common questions and my answers like

- how to change default browser?
- calendar displays task!

There are a lot of answers repeated again and again on the archive...

Wasn't trying to duplicate effort, I searched bugzilla and didn't see anything regarding this error. No harm meant, but thanks for the advice. I'll post the CAMEL_VERBOSE_DEBUG a little later for hopes of some insight

Don't take that too hard. I'm sure, Not Zed didn't meant to be harsh. He
just told the same (how to debug) a couple of times the last days.

I even just commented (mainly for Not Zed), as he isn't the only one
repeating the same over and over. I just found that funny...

btw: Apparently you sent your reply only to me. The one you likely
wanted to reach is Not Zed, didn't you?


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