Re: [Evolution] Advice needed for Exchange-like calendaring

A question or two for the list. I´m designing a Calendar Access Protocol
server under the JiCal banner. Does anyone know how hard it will be to
plug in a ´CAP´ ( Client to Evo?

Given some CAP code, plugging it in to Evolution wouldn't be too hard. 
But the traffic on ietf-calendar hasn't been very encouraging lately.
(Eg, the argument about whether or not the client has to explicitly
create free/busy information in order for another client to be able to
query it.) I'm not sure it's going to be usable any time soon. :-/

I´ve already had talks with a German OS project who think the Outlook
plugin is not so bad.

Plugging a *mail* backend into Outlook is pretty well documented, but
doing calendar stuff requires all sorts of undocumented hacks. But I'm
sure *someone* will eventually write a CAP plugin for it.

I think Lotus Notes are moving to get CAP client/server working
for their offering (as main chatter on the calsch list is from there).

Not sure. I think the next big release of Notes+Domino is too soon to
plausibly include CAP support, so it may be a while still. Likewise for
Exchange, since Exchange 2003 doesn't have CAP support. (AFAICT from
their web sites, neither Lotus nor Microsoft have announced any official
plans to support CAP yet.)

Novell's web site says that Groupwise and NetMail (their new server)
will both eventually support CAP (and there's been a lot of Novell
activity on the ietf-calendar list too). Sun, Oracle, and Meetingmaker
say their servers will too, though I don't think I've seen anyone from
Sun or Oracle on the list.

-- Dan

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