Re: [Evolution] Advice needed for Exchange-like calendaring

On 9 Jun 2003, Stuart Guthrie wrote:
A question or two for the list. I´m designing a Calendar Access Protocol
server under the JiCal banner. Does anyone know how hard it will be to
plug in a ´CAP´ ( Client to Evo? I´ve already had
talks with a German OS project who think the Outlook plugin is not so
bad. Wouldn´t it be nice to have a true open source calendar server and
a migration path from Outlook to Evolution as and when departments are
ready? I think Lotus Notes are moving to get CAP client/server working
for their offering (as main chatter on the calsch list is from there).

We (OSDL) would definitely be interested in seeing this development take
place; we've been pretty bummed that a CAP server doesn't already
exist.  What do you have in mind for the design?


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