Re: [Evolution] [Fwd: keep track of own mails in maillinglists]

On Mon, 2003-07-21 at 16:48, David Woodhouse wrote:

Cc'ing someone on a thread they have contributed to is at _worst_ going
to cause them to get two copies instead of one -- not really much

On most lists, the hardship will fall onto _you_ for cc'ing if not
requested to do so:

E.g., from

"When replying to messages on the mailing list, do not send a carbon
copy (CC) to the original poster unless they explicitly request to be

Hint: Try a vfolder or a filter to mark as important mail which contains
your own hostname (which Evo puts in the Message-ID) in the References:

Unfortunately, this won't work as wished. What would be cool, as "Joe
Radinger" said in a previous mail in this thread is "to have a kind of
filter that triggers on my postings AND the threads they are in."

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