Re: [Evolution] Brave or stupid: Progress Made

On Wed, 2003-01-29 at 01:38, Lonnie Borntreger wrote:
On Mon, 2003-01-27 at 16:07, Mark Gordon wrote:
On Mon, 2003-01-27 at 16:44, Lonnie Borntreger wrote:
So I decided to install (using a different --prefix) and run Evoluton
1.3.  Why?  Who knows.  Anyway, it won't start up.  I get this message:

libgnomevfs-WARNING **: Unable to create ~/.gnome directory: Bad address
Could not create per-user gnome configuration directory `(null)': Bad

Found the problem.  Doing some poking around found that evolution 1.3
was linked to glib-1.2 and glib-2.  Further debugging found the culprit
was soup.  So I recompiled soup to use glib-2 and reinstalled it.  Still
the same problem.  So I poked some more and discovered that the
pkgconfig (.pc) file was being installed as soup.pc instead of
soup-2.0.pc, so I had a bogus soup-2.0.pc.  Copied soup.pc to
soup-2.0.pc, and glib-1 disappeared from evolution 1.3.

Now a new problem.  When I attempt to start it I get a dialog box that
says "cannot access the Ximian Evolution shell" - and it won't go


Lonnie Borntreger

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