Re: [Evolution] Main window title

tir, 2003-01-21 kl. 15:44 skrev Enver ALTIN:

Mine just says "Innkorg". I clicked on it with my right mouse button and
chose "Endre namn".
Why not try it?

I'm running metacity with the 2.1.90 gnome. So right clicking the title
bar gives me nothing but the usual window menu.

Ah. Actally, I'd misunderstood a bit. All my Evo 1.0.2 stuff is in "the
other" Norwegian language and I thought you meant the tasklist.

In fact, INBOX in my taskbar is just called INBOX. Perhaps your Gnome
has something to do with the long name, I still have 1.4.

I can't change anything by right clicking on the taskbar, either :-)




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