[Evolution] Applying filters (was Re: Spam Filter -- I need volunteers)

I've had moderate success installing a spam filter server side (I'm
working with Bogofilter at the moment) but am interested in how people
are making use of the Spam scores to then get Evolution to deal with it

I think I'm doing something backwards with my filters, perhaps someone
can enlighten me.

On Thu, 2003-01-16 at 19:22, Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal' von Bidder wrote:
My setup:

 - mail comes in
 - mail goes through bogofilter
 - mail goes through spamassassin
     a spamassassin rule gives a score if bogofilter said it's spam.
 - mail goes through bogofilter in learning mode
     trains bogofilter according to the opinion of spamassassin
 - mail goes through procmail filtering, sorting mail into folders.

Adrian, that appears to be a server side setup - I presume that you've
got Evolution configured (subfolders?) to read mail from all those
various folders. Are they local (you're running all that on your
desktop)? If remote, how are you fetching the various server side
folders into appropriate folders in Evolution? IMAP?

On Fri, 2003-01-17 at 06:20, Mika Liljeberg wrote:
My setup is slightly simpler and driven completely by Evolution's filter

- mail checked with spamassassin (spamc)
  - if exit code indicates spam, train bogofilter, move to Spam folder
- mail checked with bogofilter in autotrain mode
  - if exit code indicates spam, move to Spam folder

I've redefined a couple of labels as "Spam" and "Not spam". I mark any
false positives or negatives accordingly, press ctrl-Y, and special
filter rules retrain bogofilter and move the marked messages to the
appropriate folders.

I tried quite hard to make something along these lines work, but kept
getting tripped up. 

Some questions for you Mika:

I must be missing something really fundamental, but how does one make

It seems to me that I have to *open* a folder, *select* all the
messages, and *then* press Ctrl-Y.

That's an awful lot of work - I'd kinda like to have my filters run
automatically on message arrival.

How did you "redefine" the labels? Hack a conf file? Or is there UI for
it somewhere?

How did you use the labels for filtering? I know you can filter on the
Label field, but as of 1.2.1 you can't make a filter action assign a
Label value. What are you using to do all this?

Do you run the false {positives, negatives} through bogofilter from
within Evolution, or do you do something to the folders operating from
the command line?

Sorry for all the questions. I pull mail from various different sources
using multiple Evolution mail accounts. I've got a server side setup on
the mail server I control, but most of the spam I get comes through
client's corporate Exchange server not [yet :)] through my own mail
server - so I'd much prefer to have an client side setup and have
Evolution run the various spam filters itself.



Andrew Frederick Cowie
Operational Dynamics Consulting Pty Ltd

Australia +61 4 1079 6725  North America +1 646 270 5376

andrew operationaldynamics com au

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